Sweet Chilli Chicken Bloomer

Sweet Chilli Chicken BloomerContains: Chargrill flavour chicken pieces with sweet chilli sauce, red onion and mixed leaf lettuce on white bloomer bread.

I’ve been meaning to write a review for this specific sandwich for quite a while, ever since eating one accidentally several years ago and becoming so overcome with the taste sensation that I had to talk to somebody, anybody, about it.

You see, this sandwich is like a minefield of flavour. Be careful where you tread because at any point this sandwich could blow up in your face.

We should start with the basics. The bread is Greggs’ “Bloomer” stuff. Now I cannot rate this bread as highly as the baguette or the Oval Bite (peace be upon it) but it is certainly a solid improvement over the standard “wedge” bread. The bread itself is softer and the crust is chewy, yet it stops short of being doughy and messy.

Now, the filling. Greggs seem not to know what the “sweet” in “Sweet Chilli” means. It’s not very sweet but you’re still more than able to detect the sugary syrupy texture within. I’d go so far as to say that it’s actually too flavourful. It’s clear that your attention is supposed to be drawn to the “sweet” chilli sauce. If that’s the case then why use chicken? You can’t taste chicken, only the sauce. Maybe they just wanted something chunky so you don’t feel like you’re eating a sauce and lettuce sandwich.

Honestly, this wouldn’t be a problem if the sauce tasted in any way natural. It’s just a synthetic goo of enhanced flavours. Yes, I know that’s the case for most modern saucery. My problem is that this one doesn’t even make an attempt to conceal it. It’s actually very spicy, and for once in my life I find myself grateful for a liberal sprinkling of onion. Here’s a sentence I don’t usually get to write: This sandwich has just the right amount of onion.

After the first half you’ve pretty much had enough of the taste, but you’re not full so you carry on. And you torture the insides of your mouth further. And it hurts. A bit.

Verdict: Avoid if you want a subtle tasting sandwich. Or smoke some more cigarettes, kill off a few tastebuds, then come back to the full flavour.

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  • Fidodido116

    how can you buy anything from greggs ? let alone EVERYTHING from greggs
    the only time I bought something from greggs it made me throw up over and over and over and over for the rest of the day

  • Anonymous

    Over and over and over and over? I think you need a stronger stomach lad.

  • guest

    i think the wedge bread is the best but we have different opinions