Limited edition: Red Thai Chicken with Coconut and Lime Sandwich

Limited edition: Red Thai Chicken with Coconut and Lime SandwichContains: Red Thai chicken with coconut and lime, baby spinach, on wholemeal bread.

Greggs seem to be churning out the limited edition new sandwiches this year, and while their previous two attempts have fallen flat (see the Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Arrabbiata for examples of ambitious and yet failed sandwichery), this latest offering sounds like a pretty strong addition to the line-up.

What do you expect when you buy a Red Thai Chicken sandwich? A mildly spicy sauce? It appears that Greggs have used the same chicken that’s used for the tasteless chicken goo encountered smothered betwixt various breads elsewhere in the bakery. But even though I have doubts about the quality of the actual chicken, this is actually a pretty decent Red Thai sauce for a sandwich.

The addition of the baby leaf spinach was a good touch, although given how long the name of the product is, I can see why it doesn’t get a mention in the sandwich’s title. I’d like to think that Greggs packaging and branding people said “we’ll just let them be surprised by the spinach”.

People LOVE surprise spinach. Well, this people does.

It’s to Greggs’ credit that they decided to give customers only one choice of bread: wholemeal. The wholesome taste is a nice contrast to the spicy-ish filling, and I still believe that wholemeal bread has superior powers of containment. I can imagine a particularly overenthusiastic sandwich maker putting too much filling into this – imagine the mess if they’d given you the choice of plain white.

I’d also like to give Greggs credit for again taking a risk and making another unconventional sandwich. “Red Thai Chicken with Coconut and Lime” is something you’d expect to see in Pret, not Greggs, and I applaud them for stepping up their game and having a go at the “premium” sandwich market. This sarnie therefore joins the ranks of ambitious sandwiches that actually worked, alongside the Chicken and Pesto and Chicken Tikka baguettes.

I have absolutely no doubt that this is the best of Gregg’s limited edition sarnies so far this year. Why, it almost makes up for that weird off-brown Teriyaki mess they tried to palm off onto us. A good “limited edition” product should make you feel a little empty inside when their availability expires. While I have no idea how long this sandwich will be on sale, I will be trying it again in future. And I’ll probably miss it when it’s not for sale any more.

Verdict: Pleasant.

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