Turkey Swiss Style

Contains: Turkey slices, emmental cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard mayonnaise.

Greggs have clearly been trying to step up their game in recent weeks. We’ve seen the introduction of such highfalutin’ delights as Red Thai Chicken. Today I’m trying the oddly named “Turkey Swiss Style”.

This is a baguette, but there’s a slightly classier element at play compared to the standards. We meet Emmental cheese for the first time at Greggs, combined not just with spinach (I say!) and honey mustard mayonnaise (again, not sure if this is something I’ve seen in a Greggs sarnie before).

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Potato and Meat Lattice

Potato and Meat LatticeContains: Potato and meat.

Yes, that’s right, “meat”.

I was always against the concept of eating meatballs simply because the seemingly pointless vagueness of the description of their contents. Why meatballs? Don’t you think it’s important to be a little more descriptive about what you’re eating? Makers of lamb shanks are happy enough to at least say “lamb”. You wouldn’t eat a meat shank, surely? There could be anything in there. Like pork. Or horse.

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Mexican Bandit

Contains: Spicy chicken, Pepper Jack cheese, jalapeño peppers, red onion.

It has been difficult to find anything in Greggs that I haven’t already reviewed. I tend to jump on the new products pretty quickly since I covered the classics when I first started. However I still dip my head into the local Greggs when I pass it during my lunchbreaks. Today I saw something lurking tucked away under the Sweet Chicken Teriyaki – a baguette in unlabelled packaging named “Mexican Bandit”.

To give a sandwich such a name is to issue a challenge. “Bandit” implies badness, and “Mexican” gives you a (faintly racist) idea of what kind of ingredient you’re going to get from it. Of course, what we have here is a sandwich containing jalapeño peppers. And spicy chicken. And, uh, Pepper Jack cheese (apparently this is cheese with bits of spicy stuff in). And god knows what else.

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Triple Chocolate Muffin

Triple Chocolate MuffinGreggs have three flavours of muffin: the Carrot Cake thing, the Blueberry one, and this cocoa-based monstrosity, the Triple Chocolate Muffin. That’s TRIPLE, as in three. There are three prongs to this chocolatey attack: chocolate dough, chocolate chunks, and a special chocolate goo on the inside. Greggs also point out that it’s not just normal chocolate – this is special Belgian chocolate.

It may be Belgian, but it’s still dry. I had to reach for a glass of water after taking the first bite as all of the liquid in my mouth was absorbed by the spongelike chocolatey dough. Still, I pressed on, knowing that I would soon be tasting the amazing chocolatey goo.

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Cornish Pasty

Cornish PastyThe Cornish Pasty is, apparently, one of those great British foodstuffs. As filling as a three course meal and as ancient as Stonehenge herself, this meal in a pastry has been evolving for centuries.

And yet, I’ve never had one. Not before today at any rate. I have to confess that I had to look up exactly what to expect – what flavour meat is that in the casing? What vegetables come with it? Is there anything to worry about here?

Of course there isn’t. Silly Jim. A Cornish Pasty from Greggs is basically a lump of pastry containing some mince meat, some peas, and some carrots. It’s basically a satisfactory meal in a single portion.

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Chicken and Stuffing Lattice

Chicken and Stuffing LatticeAfter a weekend of pageantry and celebration Greggs have surprised us with the release of the Chicken and Stuffing Lattice. After they put out the Chicken Tikka Lattice a short while ago, it seems like the ever-controversial Lattice section of their range is getting more and more crowded. Is the Chicken and Stuffing one worthy of such a title?

Anyway. This chicken and stuffing thing is good. The outside is coated in something that reminds me of the bottom of a pack of Doritos – you know, the super-flavoured concentrated MSG dust that I always want to gather into a bowl and eat with a spoon (you may think me crazy but just imagine the flavour). I don’t know how much this seasoning contributes to the overall taste but it’s a nice visual touch that makes it look a bit more olde-worlde.

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Royal Wedding cupcake

Royal Wedding cupcakeThis is the second Royal Wedding limited edition to be reviewed, after I took on the classic Coronation Chicken sandwich last week. It’s amazing to me that Greggs have managed to release more than two such products. But then I suppose all they need to do is make something patriotic-ish and only make it available for a short time.

So it is with this cupcake. The Greggs website says it’s available from 26th April and I’m going to assume it’s not going to be on sale after the big day has passed. So that means you may only have three days during which to snap these up.

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Limited edition: Coronation Chicken

Coronation ChickenContains: Chicken breast with a coronation crème fraiche dressing, mango chutney and mixed leaf lettuce.

In June 1982 a boy was born to two loving parents. You all know who those parents were. They didn’t love each other. They didn’t even, by most accounts, like each other. But they did love their baby boy. That boy, Billy, would go on to deal with the very messy and public divorce of his parents, the tragic death of his mother, and would eventually fight alongside his fellow troops in defence of the country that gave him so much, and eventually meet a beautiful and charming young woman named Catherine.

Billy and Catherine loved one another so much that he proposed – while on holiday, the flashy bastard. Now that their wedding is officially scheduled for the end of April 2011, Greggs have decided to commemorate this unique event by releasing a series of limited edition Royal Wedding sandwiches.

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Limited edition: Red Thai Chicken with Coconut and Lime Sandwich

Limited edition: Red Thai Chicken with Coconut and Lime SandwichContains: Red Thai chicken with coconut and lime, baby spinach, on wholemeal bread.

Greggs seem to be churning out the limited edition new sandwiches this year, and while their previous two attempts have fallen flat (see the Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Arrabbiata for examples of ambitious and yet failed sandwichery), this latest offering sounds like a pretty strong addition to the line-up.

What do you expect when you buy a Red Thai Chicken sandwich? A mildly spicy sauce? It appears that Greggs have used the same chicken that’s used for the tasteless chicken goo encountered smothered betwixt various breads elsewhere in the bakery. But even though I have doubts about the quality of the actual chicken, this is actually a pretty decent Red Thai sauce for a sandwich.

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Easter special: Carrot Cake Muffin

Carrot Cake MuffinThis is my second venture into the world of Greggs muffins, after I lost my muffinity to the “Skinny” Blueberry Muffin a few weeks ago. However, reader, do not think me some kind of amateur muffinist. I’m not attempting some appeal to authority here, but I know what I’m talking about when it comes to muffins.

The commonest muffin is of course the chocolate chip. You get these in either ordinary plain muffin dough or as part of the legendary double chocolate muffin. Second to the chocolate chip is that perennial favourite of those who deny they have any kind of eating disorder: the blueberry muffin.

This is all revision for you – you know your muffins. There’s no need for me to patronise you like this. The only reason I bring all of this up is because sometimes, only sometimes, the muffinverse throws a curveball. Today we’re noshing down on one of those curveballs – a carrot cake muffin.

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